I have had discussions with several prospective blog contributors and myself (on many long nights) about this: what is my blog going to be about? These discussions produced several ideas,  and yet as I stare at this blank screen,  nothing seems to be appropriate.

Ukwumango, which literally translates as 'under the mango tree' is a safe place for creativity. The gourd of opportunity  is passed around very often,  and soon it will get to you.  The eveningtime breeze wafts and eddies about, stimulating us to drink deeper. And not only to drink but to also speak and of great things.

This blog would cater for the needs of creative and open-minded people. On here, there will be a lot of stories,  poetry and analysis about such things as music, movies, and events around the world.  There will be many opportunities for outside contributors to place their stories on here as this blog is an open space,  much like under a mango tree.

Then also, I would appreciate positive and negative feedbacks from my readers the world over; endeavour to leave a comment anytime you come visiting. And always remember to tell your friends about this place.

Remember, it is

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