Kainene didn't know what had come over her. She wasn't supposed to be cuddled in bed right now. No, definitely not with Dipo covered in a threadbare wrapper that smelled like 'ogili' in his one bedroom apartment in a beat down face-me-i-face-you house.  She wondered why she had let her guard down easily, maybe it was 'konji' as Yemisi, her best friend from the suburbs of Lagos would say. Or was she in love?

        Kainene had only known Dipo for a week now. They had met at a local restaurant where she ate after work daily.  She'd ordered fufu worth of N200, but the humongous ball of fufu that she was served made her screech loud enough to startle the customer behind her also waiting to order. Dipo was that customer. He laughed at her outburst and paid for her food.

            She couldn't believe she had even let him take on the expenses of her meal. Judging from the large tee-shirt, the frayed edges of his washed jeans to his oversized brown loafers, that with every step hit the ground with a 'koink!' before his heels met the shoes some milliseconds after, Kainene knew Dipo's name had entered Mama Nonye's book of debtors.

              Lying here now made Kainene remember Udodi her last boyfriend. Udo's personality contrasted his name so much; his name 'Udodi' meaning peace whereas Udo was trouble himself. Kainene couldn't help thinking that mama did not utterly mean harm when she suggested seeing their village native doctor to cleanse her of ill luck.
         She couldn't understand the physics of how she felt like this. Feeling pity for herself for her miserable life choices, feeling pity for Dipo because she had already concluded and she knew she wouldn't be coming back here.  Kainene was glad all the same,  "at least the sex was good, too good," she said, trying to feed her ego.
       Kainene scrambled off the mattress that lay on the floor, barely missing breaking her jaw as she stood hurriedly. As she put on her work clothes,  she stared absent mindedly at Dipo still naked sprawled on the mattress, not actually seeing him. She felt like she had just fucked a secondary school boy in his dorm room.
         "It's late. Shó gbò? You won't sleep over?"  Kainene ignored him knowing that he knew the answer in her silence.

         She glanced away,  almost angrily. An ignoramus, her illiterate-literate father would call him.

         She put on her slippers and put her stilleto heels in a plastic bag.  She was headed for the door when she realized she had forgotten to put on her panties.

        As if on cue,  she finds Dipo waving it in the air with a smirk on his lips. Fighting the urge to wipe the smug look off his face,  she snatched up her panties and stormed out the room,  slamming the door with such force.
         Dipo seemed like the push Kainene needed to make up her mind that Mama was right. She would set out for Umuokorobia in the morning. Kainene shall be cleansed.

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