Is this Nigeria?

Even if you have been living under a rock in Bikini bottoms, you must have heard of Falz the bahd guy latest release inspired by Childish Gambino's "This is America".As a music enthusiast, the hype around Childish Gambino's video caught my attention. Critics praised the video on its depth and subtle portrayal of the terrible truth of the American society.

Falz on the other hand, wasn't subtle about nada. He laid it out plain and simple complete with visuals emphasizing the hideousness we try to cover up with laughs and jokes and memes. 
Don't worry, this isn't a music video review.

I loved the video and posted it on my social media platforms, however I discovered a lot of people did not jump for joy like I did when they watched it. One reaction caught my attention, "isn't it too daring? " It sort of threw me for a loop as I sat back to consider it. 

The Activist in me goes on full blown rant on how the truth isn't a sweet pill to swallow, how we need more people to be bold and tell off these silly people we refer to as leaders and how we are strong and not afraid and a whole lot of blah blah blah. 

A friend of mine who I discussed it with showed me a whole other angle "if Falz got arrested, who will leave the comfort of their homes and support him? " 

In this Nigeria, where Human Rights are ignored and everybody's song is mind your business, what would come of a young man (not Falz obviously, as his father is a prominent lawyer ) who has no political strong hold gets arrested by the Dss on a case of disturbing the peace or inciting the people against the government which is a seditious act.He would probably be threatened and tortured within an inch of his life, arraigned before a corrupt judge and thrown in jail for as long as they would want or the case might never get to court. 

The most people would do is commiserate on Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook. Maybe create an hashtag #IstandwithFalz, #FreeFalz #prayforFalz. Write long winding posts on how corrupt the judicial system is from the comforts of their beds. While as a mass communication student, I know the effects of an aggressive social media campaign but when push comes to shove, who's going to be there? 

We live in a country where the first interest is self and then immediate family. Being your neighbor's keeper is a dead concept. Our interest in other people doesn't go beyond their matter being gist for our dinner table discussions. 

We condone and extol the kind of corruption that benefits us, the kind that leads to IPhone Xs, wine caskets in the club, baecations in Dubai and a girl running mad after alighting from a car.

 We clothe ourselves in self righteousness and see only what we want and only what we feel is beneficial to us. We curse and rave at the government when in truth, we are no better.
 We have lost sight of The truth and accept this sham of a country as our truth. "My dear, this is Nigeria, this is the way things are". 
The 2019 elections are coming up and a lot of tensions are brewing beneath. However before, we can choose a better leader, how about we remove the log in our eyes and become a better people? Make this a Nigeria you can be proud of. 


  1. So insightful ���� You blessed my eyes

  2. Very well said
    Thumbs up👍

  3. Ede na jail dey call and you and falz.
    Nice write up though.
    The truth is always bitter and thats why we chose to live in our lies.

    1. 😂😂 at least you'll come and bail me. Thank you very much

  4. Really nice dear, couldn't have been said better.

  5. Enter your comment...# I stand with Ede, I think this is part of what they don't teach you in Harvard Business school,lol!!

  6. Wonderful article dear. Thanks for seeing things from a whole different angle.
    Beautiful writeup!


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