Nigeria Must Divide!

My friend, I have thought about what you told me the last time we discussed. Quite frankly, I agree with you that Nigeria is plagued by certain demons. I also agree with you that, to an extent, some of Nigeria's problems are predicated on the multiplicity of her ethnic groups and of course, the religious bias whose cataclysmic impacts have reached their apogee.

But you see, my friend, like I told you the last time, the issue of Nigeria's division is a conundrum that must be tactfully handled.  Nigeria must divide you say, but I must ask you just one question. Along which lines shall we divide? Don't think I have no answers to that question. But we cannot discuss such matters while standing like Israelites taking the Passover feast before leaving Egypt. Come sit with me let's discuss over this keg of palm wine and pieces of fried meat. Oh, don't worry about the heat. I have hand fans made from raffia. Just sit while the maid serves us.

Now that you have settled down, you need to know that if Nigeria must divide, we must first divide along religious lines! I see you are glowing because I just spoke your mind. You see yourself? Have you forgotten that Nigeria is inundated with several religions? How then do we divide along religious lines? What? Oh oh. We should divide the country into Christian and Muslim parts?

I pity you, my friend. Have you forgotten that in this country, the Hausa Christian will still not relate well with his Igbo brother in the Lord immediately they leave the church? Oh, you think the Yoruba Muslim will easily forgive the Igbo Muslim after an altercation? Wait, are there even Igbo Muslims? Even within religious circles, there is segregation. And you say we must divide along religious lines. Tah! Get out of this place! Anu ofia!

No, don't go yet! I didn't mean to send you away. Forgive my outburst. But my friend, you must know that we cannot divide Nigeria along religious lines. Huh? What about ethnic groups? You want us to divide Nigeria along ethnic lines? Ina po ala! How many divisions will emerge? 254? Oh, I forgot your father is Bill Gates' distant uncle. You can cater for them all. But let me draw your mind to something.

Take a good look at the Igbo nation for instance. If Nigeria were to divide along ethnic lines, you think the Osus would have a place within their own country? I shake my head at your parochiality. What about the Ijebus, the Egbas, the Ijeshas; all of them Yorubas? You want to lump them together? Are you ready to properly divide Nigeria and settle the offshoots? If you still think division is the panacea to Nigeria's malady, you need to visit Uselu sometime soon.

If Nigeria must divide, it must be along some other lines. And don't you dare say economic lines! What about the landlocked parts of the country? Oh, the Southerners can go gorge themselves on their oil, abi? Nkwu ocha ahu abanyabego gi n'isi. Give me my palm wine and get away from here.

Let me tell you something, my friend. Dividing Nigeria will have more catastrophic effects than living together. We have issues and the country is pierced through with many sorrows. Yet, we haven't broken up and we will not break up. We need only see the big picture. Nigeria will heal and once again regain her pride. It may not be today, tomorrow or the day after that. I believe we will one day be able to attenuate the problems of this country.

But if like my friend here, you still think Nigeria must divide, then aga ekedo gi n' osisi pia gi utari ni' etiti ahia. You should be tied to a tree in the market square and have your behind whopped severely.

Go On With One Nigeria.

I am Emmanuel Ujiadughele and I believe in Nigeria.

It's a beautiful world. Enjoy it.

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  1. More ink to your pen...more medals to your rank...nice piece


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