The evening was very beautiful. Ngozi sat outside the hut enjoying the evening breeze. She had on her lap a tray which contained melon seeds that she meticulously unshelled. Her loose blouse hung around her neck like a blanket, allowing the cool breeze caress ample bosom. The short wrapper she tied hitched up her fair thighs and the breeze wasted no time in running its fingers over her supple skin. Her thick black hair was untied, flowing down her shoulders like the Niagara. Her mother had gone to see a friend, leaving a tray of melon to battle with. She focused on the melon and she was soon halfway through. One of the cocks going home after a hard day’s began to crow incessantly as if to announce his arrival. Ngozi raised her head to see the fowl that was bent on screaming his lungs out.

That was when she saw him. He was the most attractive man she had ever seen. He was tall, elegant and well shaven. He had broad shoulders and a very handsome face. His beards were neatly trimmed. His suit was well tailored and clung on to him like a second skin. Inside the suit, he wore a sparkling white shirt. He walked towards Ngozi who had suddenly stopped unshelling melon. As he smiled at her, she marvelled at his immaculately white set of teeth. She had never seen such a cute guy in her twenty years of existence. All the guys in the village were very local. She silently prayed that he talked to her.

Fortunately, the guy walked up to her and greeted. His voice was as smooth as silk and she could not reply him for seconds. At long last, she answered. The guy shook her hand and introduced himself as Ken. Ngozi did not hear any of the things he said. She was busy admiring him. The softness and warmth of his palm sent shivers down her spine. Inexplicably, they found themselves inside the hut.

They stood facing each other. He placed his hands on her waist and looked into her eyes. She was speechless. The eyes were as beautiful as diamonds. She was mesmerized by his wink. She felt her limbs about to give way under her. Her heartbeat increased and was the only sound in the eerily silent hut. Then Ken pulled her into his arms for a warm embrace. The heady scent of his expensive cologne did nothing to ease her problems. Her hormones were raging. She rested her head on his rock solid chest.

Then he touched her. She shivered at the touch of his palms on her bare arms. She was expecting him to go further. Ken pulled her close, looked into her eyes again and leaned closer to her mouth. She instinctively knew what was coming. She closed eyes, arched her head and stood on tiptoe.

“Ngozi! Ngozi!”

Her mother's loud voice accompanied by two stinging slaps on her face jolted Ngozi back to reality. For a few seconds, she was confused. As she jumped up, the tray fell to the ground, spraying melon everywhere. She reached up to touch her cheeks where the slaps landed. She looked around to see the guy but he was nowhere to be found. As the tears flowed down her cheeks and her mother came into clearer perspective, she realized she had dozed off while unshelling her melon.

There was no Ken and she was not going to kiss a picture perfect guy anytime soon. For now, she would have to go back to the melon. Such dreams do not belong in the village.

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  1. Lol 😃😃😃😃 chaiii and I was sharpening my eyes to read an Emmanuel sex scene . Don't be disappointing me like this na


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