Testing microphone.. One, two...

So I'm sitting, staring at my open notepad with every ounce of creativity disappearing. I'm supposed to write an "oh so amazing" article and well,  it's just not happening .
You see, I'm a tiny bit of a perfectionist. I like it when things go exactly in the way I've pictured it. Start the article with a killer one liner and enthrall the readers with my awesomeness and blah blah blah everyone loves me, the end.

However, life is mean, it throws you for a loop, tosses you round and round singing "jangilova, epo motor". Sometimes, who are we kidding? Most times, you don't remain on your feet, you fall, you fall hard and might be seeing just pretty little stars for a while. The hardest part of falling is getting up. In these times, almost nobody helps you up, everyone just watches from the sidelines, talking about how much of a better you they can be. They troll you on Instagram and Facebook, make you the subject of a whatsapp group.

You know, we normal human beings prone to making mistakes are seen as the anomaly. Everyone is watching closely, scrutinizing your every move, you do something wrong and they pick up a very large stone, screaming "shame, shame, shame". Even worse, they make jokes and if you're popular enough, you'll become a hash tag on twitter and get your own meme.

Society wants to define how your entire life should be, from your educational qualifications to your relationships, what you do in them and how long they should last. They want to tell how mild your face beat should be on your wedding day, how you shouldn't go on a reality TV show and just be extra, how wasteful it is to get your girlfriend a N40 million naira car or how it is wrong to have a child without an husband but quite alright to have childrennn without a wife. *insert eye roll.
They are the judge, the jury and the executioners.
It's terrible that we live to satisfy the pressure placed on us or the pressure we place on ourselves to meet the expectations of others. We eat, wear, speak and even "shit" what is in vogue.

You might hate this article (please, please don't), people might hate how you walk, talk, eat, breathe, sleep but that's all it is. Their opinion. It doesn't define you neither should it subtract or add to your amazingness (yes, I made it up).

Learn to appreciate the big little things you do. You, honey deserve some accolades.


  1. It's really really amazing.. amazing writeup from an amazing person.. Big ups girl.. I expect several other mind blowing ones.. More grease to your elbow


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