You told Nnedi you hated her , that she wasn't as pretty as you. You told her she was repulsive and fat because she ate to her fill.

You told everyone in form four that Nnedi was an Osu, a half cast, even though it was a secret knowledge that your grandfathers were best of friends in their days. You poured glue on her rickety old wooden chair in class and tore her only school uniform her sister before her had worn.

True, Nnedi's beauty was mediocre,  but her personality, her character was meteoric and  you disliked her very much. You had rallied your friends everyday during recess and tongue lashed Nnedi, you pushed her out of the line at Mama Ebuka's canteen even though she was there before you.
You said you were fearless and strong but bullying Nnedi made you a coward none the less.
Secondary school came, puberty went by, your despise for Nnedi never faded. Nnedi knew not why you hated her, she tried to be a friend to win the heart of the enemy.
 Fast forward to a cliché twelve years later. You are seated face to face with Nnedi at a job interview, she doesn't recognize, you're at the wrong side of the table. Your eyes water up. The tables have been turned, literally.
Your mind goes back in time as your heart beats without a particular rhythmic pattern. You remember the hate you gave the person seated across you.
Your Chi has forsaken you. Karma comes to play and she's a very hateful stepmother.


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