This Is Lagos!

This is Lagos! And when I say the fun lives here, believe you me, I am not exaggerating. I am being as plain as one can be, well that is if your fun includes endless traffic jam that would make Satan feel sorry for our race and of course, struggling to catch a bus.

This is Lagos! So, yesterday, I left work quite late, sorry, lemme rephrase that, very late. For an intern, 6:25pm is damn late. I knew that I was in for a serious bout of traffic but what I experienced is worse off than I thought.

This is Lagos! You see, earlier during the day, there had been a downpour and my earnest prayer as I left the office was "God, please I know I am going to stand at the bustop for a long time. Please, hold the clouds from releasing their content."

This is Lagos! And so, I left for Allen bustop at Ikeja and my wait began. I had been there for 15 minutes plus when the rain began. It started in drizzles, slowly pouring down and in 30 minutes time, it came down in torrents. I was wet from head to toes and forget that earlier in the office I had been uploading a number of pictures that showed me enjoying IT. I was regretting this time.
My shoe, my cloth, wet from head to toe. I was freaking soaked.

This is Lagos! Nobody gives a damn to what you're facing. A number of private vehicles passed us with their windows firmly locked, none even throwing a look to the plight of pedestrians patiently waiting for a bus bound to vehicle. This is Lagos. No one cares about you. You're OYO- On your own.

This is Lagos! Even in that unpleasant situation, people still find a way to laugh. While at the bustop, a guy passed and I think someone accidentally hit him. You need to see the way the guy began screaming
"You dey craze? Mumu! I for give you slap. You no dey see?"
All along, the person he was referring to had not said a single word. When the guy he was referring to came out, he took to his heels which attracted the laughter of everyone. The guy was huge with beard like Ric Hassani, but with much more brawn and a stronger face.
 This Lagos is crazy.
Meanwhile, there was this girl I was eyeing. Fine girl. Fair with one killer smile. I was thinking how I would spark up a conversation. The girl was heading my way and wet just like I was. I thought she had entered one of the vehicles that had people fighting for seat but I was surprised to see her later, standing. I don't know where the courage came from but I walked up to her and said
"Hello, I thought you went with the bus".
She smiled. A smile that ran straight to my heart and gave a reply. We soon started a conversation and in the end exchanged contacts. This is Lagos and even in direction situations, you can find friends. Who knows? Love.

This is Lagos! After an hour plus 30 minutes of waiting under the umbrella of an akara seller, I found a bus and unsurprisingly, they had inflated the price. In this state, exploitation is one of the keys to business boom. If you want to make it here, you must do so sooner or later.
I had no choice and so I entered. This is Lagos and if you want to go home, you better agree. Tsk.

This is Lagos and "change" is one hard thing to find.  You will meet a raging conductor, screaming at the top of his lungs that there's no change, do not enter. Lagosians are one stubborn lot. They still would.
I should go on but I am tired of writing or maybe I'm just being lazy.

This is Lagos! It's a new day. I'm on my way to work and damn, it has started raining again.

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