Brethren, we shall now take the third reading for today's service of songs in honor of our departed brothers and sisters. Kindly turn with me to the book of Fulausa. 42:43.

I read: "Greater love than this hath no man that he lay down his life for the sake of cattle. For what say shall such a man have in saving his life? Blessed are those who die for cattle sake, for theirs...... "

Brethren, we are Nigerians. This is Nigeria. We are compassionate. We are so benevolent that we can die for cattle. I urge you brethren to remain steadfast in the face of these persecutions for we shall overcome by and large. In the meantime, I salute our government for acknowledging the very high value that cattle have over human lives. We will not be moved. We will endure, we will survive. In the meantime, let us weep not. For on the resurrection morning we shall meet our departed brethren. But then, permit me to ask, "WHAT SHALL IT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN HIS CATTLE AND TAKE THE LIFE OF HIS FELLOWMAN? " Let it be known that, in the immortal words of Hilary Oruche, while men died, cattle lived in their stead. Let it be known that we, Nigerians, are animal friendly.

We have a national crisis on our hands and our sin-actors are purchasing new cars. The #fulaniherdsmen menace is becoming more menacing by the day yet our leaders argue over who will succeed an embattled Sin-ate President. Our leaders should sue their brains for dereliction of duty. I would spit on these leaders but I would rather not stain my precious spittle. Shall men continue to die that cattle may live? Oghene Reject! I'm quite sure the cattle are grateful for the kind gesture.

Special greetings to Fulani/Hausa herdsmen who have chosen cattle over human lives. It is said that animals think alike so it is natural for an animal to ensure the survival of its brother. But do they know what they are doing? Of course not. If ignorance were bliss, they would be the happiest persons on earth. The same thing applies to their brothers-in-callosity. The same men we voted into power. This #fulaniherdsmen cankerworm must be dipped into a bowl of salt. Our leaders should take a break from their lootingslation to put measures in place. We are not judging them. They can go back to looting but this a matter of life and cattle! Well, what shall we then say in all of these things? The evil that men do, these days, surprises even the devil. ***twue!**

Dear politicians, the gods did you favors by putting heads on your shoulders, please honor them by making use of it. Oh, I forget. Many of you forgot to collect the manuals from the gods. That is why you sit and watch man's inhumanity to man. I know what must be running through your minds now. You must be shrugging now, asking why you should step in and save man. After all, man will not provide you with suya.

I shake my conscience at all of you. You can remain nonchalant about this because you're not affected. But remember, the man who makes his wrapper with leaves and sits with goats will soon find his privates dangling in public.

Here ends the lesson. We shall now bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for our fallen brethren. May their gentle and ill prepared souls rest in peace. Amen.

And may those who value cattle above men meet the same fate they mete out to others.

The service has ended. You may now go in peace.


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