Don't Change Your Winning Jersey

Don't Change Your Winning Jersey: Sustaining A Vibrant Brand!

 As we watch through the last minutes of Nigeria’s match against Argentina, a very crucial match that lead Nigeria out of the 2018 World Cup with a 2-1 loss to the Argentine side, one of the fans shouted “They should have used the winning jersey!”, he continued to disturb the whole room with reasons why they should have used the winning jersey, that fetched them a 2-0 victory against Iceland, an objective sport enthusiast would take that remark as a dumb suggestion borne out of mere sentiment,  what is the place of jersey in a football match that was fair enough for both side?  But we won’t forget that in the mind of genuine fans there is an awakened consciousness that does not see the match as an ordinary game between two sides. There is always a little room for emotional comments, sentiments, and very secretive yet widely despised is the myth. Football fans are in love with myths, they see rules, referees as mere construction that can be altered, displaced once luck is with their team, and one of those popular ones is in the  “jersey”.

The jersey is a very important part of football, many teams have been disqualified, carded and even fined due to their disorderly, misused jerseys. It exudes a powerful sense of belonging for the team, players, and fans at large. Jerseys in football are synonymous to national emblems and flags of countries, they distinguish one team from the others, they create a sense of identity that is glaring enough for everyone to see, the commercial success of a jersey is influenced by how successful is the team, or the team players. Jersey has a lot of similarities with branding, in sports branding you can’t do without branding the team jersey, but we are concerned with how the whole idea of branding can fit into the winning jersey.

 The winning jersey is a metaphor for the winning brand, how often do we change the winning brand? Companies with big brands might be close to perfection in branding decisions, Coca-cola using over 50% of its gains on branding, have evolved through various approaches on what they are all about. Pepsi also understands what sustaining a winning brand represents, Starbucks didn't want to serve coffee to a consumer but to humans with feeling and emotions so they have maintained a winning brand from this perspective, Mc Donalds despite all the challenges, claims and counter-claims has remained viable through a winning brand.

 Small businesses and start-up need to understand what winning brands represent, it is an idea that was tested in the market and generated positive results, it is not a portfolio brand, it is a brand with no superficial goal but a genuine purpose to help humanity in any respect. It is the brand that that would become used as a verb in a sentence, Google it, Skype me, Whatsapp me, Try  Amazon. They are logos without text yet they say so much, they are songs without rhyme but with so much energy, they are have been tested, trusted, so close to perfection. Big players don’t change the winning jersey anyhow, they are careful, they understand the place of brands in the surviving the forces of demand and supply. Before you pull off that winning jersey from your product and services, be sure you are on point. So you won’t lose like Nigeria.

Jegede Joseph 

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