Hopeless hopes.

I have been hearing of girls going the extra mile in the search for their heartthrobs and asking their crush out or even doing the proposing themselves. But I have never witnessed any firsthand, at least not until it happened to me this morning.

I was going past the girls hostel, after returning from a futile ATM trip, when I heard someone whistling at me. I turned to see a tall, slim, melanin beauty approaching and hoped it wouldn't be to ask for directions around the campus since she didn't look familiar. I cleared my throat, adjusted my glasses and tried to plant a teasing smile on my face.

"Good morning, sorry, are you in any way related to Deji?" she asked. Look at this one sha, who had the guts to bear the slightest resemblance to me? I rolled an imaginary eye at her and then replied. "Nah, the name rings no bell." I was going to add, "But I can be your Deji" however I just nodded my head to her 'okay' and continued on my way. Going some steps forward, I turned back impetuously to stare at her only to realize she'd been looking at me all along. My heart skipped a beat.

I was thinking of several possibilities why I'd be on the receiving end of a sensual look so early this morning. Was Deji her erstwhile crush? Or did she feel attracted to me but didn't know how to initiate a convo? I sighed and shrugged, anyway, my height always attracted sideway glances so this was no surprise. I continued to the male common room where I wanted to get a loaf of bread which I intended using to deal with my remaining beans. The seller however didn't have any black nylon left so she begged me to help her manage the white one accompanying the bread. I was going to protest but thought otherwise since it was still early and no attractive bird would be flying.

On coming outside the common room, my eyes immediately fell on the same girl I had just talked to outside. I smiled at her and quickly took the turn to my hostel, clutching my bread tightly, I could hear my villagers' incantations. "Sorry, can I see you briefly?" she called back. I groaned inwardly, why now, then turned to stare at her with my brows raised and shoulders held high. By now three other girls were behind us, discussing.

"Uhm.. I'm Rita, a 100lvl Thespian (Theatre Arts)" I nodded, where was this going to? "I don't know how to say this so it doesn't look slutty. You might not know but I have been admiring you since last Monday I saw you returning with your friends. I've got butterflies in my stomach and I don't know if this is right, but I know I feel something for you. Please could..." The girls behind us were gaping and giggling by now, amebos oshi!

I had heard enough! She was telling me she felt something for me, something I don't think I've told anyone, with some exceptions anyway. A little scene had formed, guys were smiling, urging me on. I looked at Rita's expectant face. I didn't know what to do. The numbness I feel when I converse with some special people for the first time had taken over.

I quickly thought over the odds. What if this was a prank by my notorious friends. I knew they could be really obnoxious, especially and. I waved that aside, everyone was currently busy with their various internships to think about this puerile act. Another thought occurred. What if this girl was on something strong, maybe vodka, and was facing the aftereffects? I let that slide too, she looked quite nebbish and eagle-eyed enough to be with her full senses.

"I'm Walter, though I suspect you know already." I swallowed, gave it up for those guys who had the knack for throwing girls off their feet with sweet words, no one was forthcoming at that moment and then continued. "Unless we want to become the discussion of this campus for the next month, I suggest you get my digits and then we talk later?" The anticipating group grumbled their disapproval, not like I cared anyway.

"Oh that would be nice!" She handed me her phone to punch in my details and I smiled with admiration as I noticed her perfect gap tooth and conscientious English. "Take care Walter, much love!" I nodded, my fantasy already taking me to wonderland.

"Walterrhymes!! Walterryhmes!!! This guy really weak o!" Only one person called me by that alias, my roommate Okaz. I woke up then and realized to my utmost disappoinment, I had been dreaming!!

Remind me not to go weightlifting again! Nonsense and female toasting!

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