Oga OAP, how market na?

For my fellow interns and especially Mass communication students in 300l, life has done us leg-over. The hoax that life and a planned future is has been revealed to us. The scales have fallen off and it's not funny.

While growing up, your first dream was to be a medical doctor. You saw the movies. Their spotless white gowns, the careful they administered the stethoscopes and how serene the hospital was. It was the perfect career. A beautiful family to dot on you when you come back from a 'hectic' day at work. A boy and girl, beautiful wife, a happy and healthy mother because you are a doctor. Were fathers ever in the picture?

Few years down the line, the first sight of a headless chicken on Christmas day, you changed your mind. You can't be a surgeon. You will be a regular doctor.

SS1 and you have to chose a field. Art or Science? You chose science because all the smart uns live there. Your first physics and chemistry class has you are running for cover. This can't be it. It is supposed to be easier than this na. For me, I decided I wanted to be a petroleum engineer. Oil money was like a fountain. It never stopped raining. You know how that story ended.

Did you also like me decide in SS2 that Science wasn't for you. Chemistry and its formulas were tougher than your mothers dollop on your bare back while trying to run away with mischief in toll.

You weren't lucky enough to change your mind early enough and 3 years gone, UNIBEN has changed your destiny from a happy doctor to a Botany or Early Childhood student? This is not for you.

I'm talking to my fellow interns who applied for Mass Communication and knew they would write for Times Magazine. Some were so sure they'd make it to CNN. I won't apologize to you.

Three weeks into your internship at Observer, EBS, ITV, AIT... I'm tempted to ask you how market? You will ask yourself soon enough. Nur be from my mouth you go hear am.

First day at work and you suddenly realize that you are not even as good as their Isoko request anchor. Ordinary VOX POP you are shaking like a diarrheic anus. Nothing prepared you for this. Nothing in this life. The research exams you spent time wasting precious sleeping hours on is right in your face doing you ntooor!

To wake up every morning and hurrily rush a bath to go and start running errands for people at a place where they do not pay you has to be the most interesting way of spending/wasting 6 months of your life.

Let's not even talk about how you had to beg some places to work for free. We dey forbid abeg.

If you stay in Benin like me, you will hate life!

Some of my co-interns now rinse plates and help buy moin moin for their Madams. What the others do? Probably stand around or sit at the reception waiting or watching movies. I hear some of us are now what my people call 'Onye Mburu', loader. You carry stuff around. Awon mobile courier. Wehdone! How's CNN my brother? Or is it my sister?

What happened to your dream of having your articles featured in Times Magazine?

There are some that are lucky to work at posh places like Cool FM, AIT Lagos or Kennis where they serve you ewa goyin and three square meals. You're not yet the OAP your IG handle is describing you as though. You are still sitting behind a desk waiting for someone to send you on errand.

This is not a motivational write up to spur you to dream on or any other bullshit you want it to be. That's your business.

I can decide to stop writing anytime I want to. I can even stop here.

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