Today you asked me to go with you to your house. I didn't hesitate. It shocked you. You always mention how my no holds barred approach to life attracted you to me. I think the word you meant to use was "arouse".

The first time we met I told you, "I know you want fuck me". You missed your words. I smiled and left you there. I knew you'd come back.

I'm in your car. You're singing Davido's assurance to me. Your singing is terrible. I don't like you. You see, I'm going through something I better not tell you about. You don't seem like you have the wit to handle it.

You're calling me baby. You think I should smile. I don't. I'm asking you if you have a condom. I tell you about my preference for Durex. Gold circle leaves me with a terrible itch. You stop by a pharmacy.

We're in your room. You say you want to ease yourself. When you come back, I'm lying on my belly naked.

When you part my thighs and come in, I sigh. I'm staring at Lupita's picture on the wall. She's smiling at me. I don't smile back. There's never anything to smile about.

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