When it comes knocking..

It's another Tuesday morning and I'm seated at my desk at work, I plug in my earphones and start working which is really scrolling through Instagram. I come across something that hooks me. I find death.
When I was younger even now, death was always a foreign concept, no one liked to talk about how difficult it was to deal with.

Ras Kimono passed away and a lot of celebrities wrote moving tributes to him but this morning I came across Bovi's page. His post was different. He asked Ras Kimono to deliver messages to key people in Nigeria's history  such as Fela, MKO Abiola, Gani and a host of others. He also added a message to his mother. In the comments section a lot of people started sending messages to their loved ones who had passed.

I accepted death as a way of life. It simply was what it was, the end. Cue credits.
 However, it's not. Life doesn't end for those left behind. We all have different ways of dealing with the pain and sadness that comes swiftly after. It's not easy to deal with, it's not easy to grieve, it's not easy to accept that the person you just saw will no longer pick your calls or reply your messages anymore. It's not easy to not hold or hug them when you want to. When they leave, you wish you had more time, you wish you could say all the things you didn't. Sometimes you wish you could take back all you said.
Death has done it's work and we are left here to pick up the pieces and make them work.
So, today I'm dedicating this post to every single person who has left this world in whatever manner they have. I'm dedicating this post to their loved ones left behind.

To Oduwa Nehikhare, I miss not knowing you. I know you would have loved me just as I love you.

To Taiwo, I wish we spent more time together, you left wayyy too soon. I miss you.

To Mr Olayanju, you were an awesome father, your daughters and son are doing beautifully. We love and miss you.

To Efosa Nehikhare, we love you.

Rest in peace.

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