Evening of May 18th                                

The Estate was on fire! The embers fanned in the street One Love. No house burned. No human scalded.
Mummy Felix had just been murdered! By her husband’s hands! That was the fire!
Neighbors gathered in front of the family’s well groomed compound; women with hands on their heads, men with arms folded, faces scrunched up in disgust. Tears on a few cheeks. Felix and his brothers sat outside the house, their faces tear streaked, pain and fear rolling off them in waves. Their father, absent and their mother, what remained of the vibrant and loving woman they knew as mother, inside the house, a lifeless corpse beaten to pulp.
“Evil man! Evil man!” spread across the group gathered. From whose lips it started no one knew but they all agreed. Daddy Felix was an evil man.

Dawn of May 18th

{Thud. Thud. Crrrakakk}

This was followed by loud shouting. Mummy Felix’s.
“People help oh!! Help oh!!”
“Shut up woman!” Daddy Felix growled, his drunken breath all over her face. His face monstrous as he struck yet another blow to her face with his huge fist. She shrieked!
Somewhere in the house next to theirs, the hairs rose on Mrs Tunbo’s skin. She turned and tapped her husband awake.
“Dear, it’s happening again. It’s happening again” She whispered, her eyes filling.
“What’s happening again?” He asked groggily, turning to face her
“Mummy Felix is being beaten again” She supplied
He sighed, wrapping his arms around her.
“I wish there was something we could do” She snuggled into his embrace.
“I do too but we can’t just barge into their marital affairs” He replied his hands moving in loving strokes down her back. “Let’s just pray there is a change and all this ends”

There was a change. It did end. But not in the way they prayed it would.

Amongst those who gathered, the evening of May 18th, in front of Mummy and Daddy Felix’s compound were Mr and Mrs Tunbo. Their faces registering regret. They wished they had done something and not just prayed. They weren’t the only ones wishing. Some other occupants of the One Love street who knew of the recurrent beatings, who saw the ever fresh scars on Mummy Felix’s face wished, oh how they wished, they had actively helped in freeing the now deceased woman from her husband’s choking hold.

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  1. Good story... Can't wait to see the remaining part of it


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