Yovwi Akpevwe rolled on the bed and mumbled nonsense to himself as he woke up from his early morning sleep. He stretched his joints and turned to face the wall clock hanging from one of the four badly cracked walls in his room. As his eyes focused on the three hands of the clock, he screamed, threw away the covers and jumped out of bed.

How the heavens did he forget he had an interview by 10am? It was 9:15am and the firm was about an hour's drive from his house. He soon became a mad man, struggling to do many things at the same time. He then recalled that it had rained heavily from the previous night into the early hours of the morning. Without bothering to look for his toothbrush, Yovwi dabbed some toothpaste on a piece of cloth and quickly cleaned his mouth. Then he grabbed a bucket and rushed out to have his bath. The cold gust of air made him suck in his breath but he braved the chilling weather to take his bath.

After a crash course in the bathroom, Yovwi rushed into the room and began to rub cream on every part of his body at the same time. When he was done, he looked like a chickenpox patient covered in Calamine lotion. He threw another glance at the clock, silently praying that it had slowed down. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the time. 9:29am.

Yovwi turned to pick the clothes he had kept on the bed and was stunned. The white shirt and pair of dark trousers he had in mind were nowhere to be found. He began to scatter the room and in 10 seconds, the entire room looked like a dump. Then as he checked under the bed, it dawned on him.

This time, he remembered he had spread the clothes outside for no reason. As he tiptoed towards the line, he silently wished that a kind neighbor had helped him remove the clothes. All of his other clothes were dirty and rumpled. But to his utter dismay, the clothes were on the line, dripping water and laughing at him.

For a split second, Yovwi stood staring at the clothes. He did not know what to do but when he remembered the interview, he grabbed the clothes and put them on like that. By 9:35am, the young man had begun his onward march towards Delzone Media Consultancy.

Fortunately for Yovwi, he found a long vehicle headed towards the company. He hopped on the open bed and pushed the vehicle forward with his mind. By 10:10am, he had gotten within range of the company and he jumped down from the vehicle.

With his clothes dripping water, Yovwi snaked around the many vehicles and kekes on the road. Drivers cursed and hooted as he danced and wriggled his way through traffic. Finally, he got to the gate of Delzone by 10:30am and was stopped by a security guard who obviously had not been paid for months.

It was at this point that Yovwi broke down and began to cry. He remembered the condition of his family and especially, his mother. He cried and begged the man to let him in but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, inside the hall, the firm surprisingly delayed the interview as the person in charge was yet to arrive. She had called in to say she was stuck in traffic.

Outside the gate, a black vehicle pulled up and out of it stepped an elegant woman. She looked at Yovwi and demanded to know what was wrong. He explained amidst tears that he came late for the interview due to some circumstances. The woman pitied him and allowed him in.

Miraculously, at the end of the interview, Yovwi and two other persons were selected and given instant jobs. He could not contain his joy as thoughts of the official car, a well-furnished office and a fat salary began to dance in his head. He was so excited that he left his file in the office and had to be called back to pick it. He began to mentally plan the salary.

Carried away, he did not hear the horn.

The oncoming vehicle lifted Yovwi off his feet and threw him forward. As his body came down, another vehicle, coming from the opposite side, slammed into him. It all happened in a matter of minutes and at the end of it, Yovwi laid on the ground, his blood already forming a pool around him. His left leg twitched for a while before stopping.

People gathered and a woman screamed as she picked his appointment letter and read it.

Back at the village, Mama Yovwi shouted and jumped out of her bed. The dream had been so vivid that she had already begun to shed tears. How can her son die on the same day he got a job?
Immediately, she went on her knees and began to pray.

"My father, my father, my son must not die. My son must not die."


Somewhere in Lagos, Yovwi Akpevwe woke up and began to prepare for his interview with Delzone Media Consultancy.

He checked the time and it was 9:15am. He was late for the interview and somehow, his clothes were nowhere to be found.


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