My Temple

My hair is black, short and kinky
Untouched by the hands of a relaxer
Made to straighten, soften
And smoothen my curls to be like yours
But I refuse for I am black African
My hair is meant to be kinky

My head, as round as it can be
My eyes are small and weak
I need a double lens for me to see
My nose is small with my nostrils wide
Probably makes it easier for me to breathe
My lips are full and I love them
It makes kissing more pleasurable for me
My cheeks are full
And beneath my nose is a tiny scar he likes

My shoulders are wide and sometimes make me want to cry but I resist
My neck is short
My breasts are full,
I have to wear 38d sized cups
To 'lift my fallen angels' he says
Its funny 'cause you need me to raise that 'Rubbery demon' between your legs
At least mine are angels

My arms stretches out naturally from my body And my nails are short and pink
My belly as normal as can be
With rolls yet to be seen
My hips won't give Kim a run fo her money
But every curve was meant to be
My thighs large, my legs short and firm on the ground
A black scar graces my right knee
In rembrance of the day my life was saved
Every twist and turn from my head to my toe
Is a temple made sacred for worship

Maybe I don't need to be perfect
I just need to love myself


  1. And I decided to come here today and am blown away. . Pls find my brain


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