There's a used condom on the cashmere rug. A half tilted frame of Cupid on the wall - it's almost brown, as against its original color, white. There's also the taste of semen in her mouth. Salty? A bit like warm Krest. Oga Chinedu's snoring could force a pregnant woman into labour. It shook the spring bed and gave her jolts every time it pitched.

I want to wake him up and tell him that school period is almost over and I should be on my way home. He will get angry and not give me the complete money. I'll wait for him to wake up and roll his thick hairy legs off my thighs. He will want another round. I'm certain of it. I won't stop him. A bit brutish he may be, but he is better than Papa. More gentle and understanding.

I'll tell Papa that I couldn't get a bus.

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