Poetry: Their Death Nearly Killed Them

Poetry: Their Death Nearly Killed Them 

Their death nearly killed them
It rose like a bright morning sun
From the pits of their stomachs
It clawed its way through to their throats -
the thing nearly touching their hearts on its way.
It got to their throats
and sucked them in

They reached for air
And wrangled with their arms
And flayed their legs for it
And shook their bodies,
and shook until everything was so shaken
that it could not be shaken anymore
But still they gasped and grasped in vain
They looked for air
And found their dead
They should have looked for their death;
Turned their eyeballs inwards
Blind fools.

Providence came and rescued them
He broke the grip of their death
And banished it down
Back to their bellies.

But they praised themselves
Blind from birth
They raised themselves
They didn't know
Couldn't know -
their death nearly killed them.

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