Iya Ibeji woke up with a start in the middle of the night. The noise had started again and tonight, she was going to end it. Already, her eight year-old son had died of a mysterious fever. Now, the noise was emanating from the next room where Abike, her three-year-old daughter slept. She picked the pestle beside her bed and began to walk stealthily towards the dark room.

Immediately, she entered the room, she looked around and saw the creature in the corner of the room. She rushed at it and began to pummel it with the pestle. As the blows fell, the creature tried to slither away but Iya Ibeji made sure it was effectively cornered. The creature's eyes glistened in the dark as it took the beating. After five minutes, she stopped the beating and put on the light.

That was when she saw the creature, lying in a pool of blood, in the corner of the room. The creature's head had been cracked open, its eyes had been smashed in, its face was mangled and its shoulder had fallen out of its joint. Bits of the creature's flesh had been pounded off and its blood was splashed all over the walls.

With its last breath, the creature, Iya Ibeji's own daughter, whispered, “Mama”.


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