An Ode To '150 Cefa'

He had greeted the trader, for it was evening.
An unusual day it was, the sun still smiling
And shedding light on dark mother earth.
At 37 minutes après l'heure de 7.

In the market place
Et les hommes et les femmes ont chanté la chanson 150cefa; even if I starve, I am happy.
Merci Dieu, for you are a benevolent God.
Oh my beloved 150cefa, My children will eat today.

'A fisherman's gain a day is 150cefa'
Dit papa Beolice, I am happy.
It's a blessing from the benevolent Dieu.
Oh my beloved 150cefa,My family will smile Today And my boat shall set sail again Tomorrow.

A beggar sings out of respect, the 150cefa Song, a song sung by old beggars on the Streets of Dakar, During the reign of France En afrique de l'ouest;
'Today is a good day.
Oh Merci Dieu,for a 150cefa day, is rare.
I am content.'

Helo monsieur,
Est-ce que tout va bien? vous semblez être perdu.
Well here you go, she hands him a blue Cellophane,
Votre argent est de 150cefa.
I am fine, he tells the trader,
I am reluctant to part ways with my beloved 150cefa.
But a man has to eat to stay alive.

On his way home,
He will hum the 150cefa song;
'Mon 150cefa appartient à la femme du Marché Maintenant, Thank You Dieu.
Today I will eat my fill.
And let tomorrow take care of itself.'

godwin henry osaigbovo pa shakespeare




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