Battle of the Heavenlies-The Awakening.


The voice echoed around the huge hall drawing attention to its owner. “I have had enough of this matter. My men and I will not pledge our allegiance to this cause. Let the humans defend themselves; let them face the consequences of their actions. I will not volunteer any of my men for this mission.”

Archangel Michael stood up and planted his hand on the golden table as his words danced around the huge hall. He looked around, daring anyone to challenge him. Then he kicked his chair angrily and began to walk out of the room. His wings folded behind him and his immaculate skin glowed red with anger. Around the table, 500 of his most trusted lieutenants stood up and followed.

Gabriel stood up to go after his brother but the Father raised a glowing hand to stop him. He sighed tiredly and sank back into the light chair, watching his brother march out of the room.

Michael stormed out of the room and angrily slammed the pearly doors with force. His muscles rippled with the effort as he glided across the surface with his feet barely touching the ground. He was conscious of his lieutenants behind him.

Bitterness coursed through him at the thought of what transpired in the meeting. He, Michael, was the highest ranking general in the heavenly host. Only his twin brother could match his power and skills. Even at that, Gabriel was a sympathizer who lived like a powerless being. Michael got angrier as he remembered why he had walked out on the Father and the rest of the army. Lucifer was planning an attack on the humans and the Father wanted him to go defend them. “Curse the humans,” he whispered. They never appreciate the angels for anything.

He was an Archangel and the best warrior in heaven yet the Father chose to consort with Gabriel especially when He needed to make delicate decisions. Michael made up his mind to leave heaven for good. He was done playing second fiddle to his twin.

The clouds carried Michael’s anger to the corners of the earth. Lightning flashed dangerously and thunder rumbled in the distance. As he neared the heavy golden gates, one angel stood up to address him. Michael’s sword flashed like lightning and cleaved the angel’s head from his body. The angel’s wings flailed helplessly and he dissolved into mist.

Almost immediately, Michael reached out to 5000 of his loyal angels. Together they marched past the gates, spread their wings and began their descent to earth with fire shooting out of their swords.

That night, NSA, NATO and CONRAD reported massive fires across the plains in South America. Satellite radars were reading fast traveling meteors and communications went off immediately they touched down. A straggler turned around to see a band of angels marching across the plains towards him. As he made to turn, Lucian, Michael’s right-hand man, flew over and snapped his neck. Michael nodded and urged his angels forward. They surged forward laying mayhem and waste to everything on their path.


Back in heaven, Gabriel flew with great speed to the gates just in time to see Michael disappear. He spread his wings to go after Michael but he heard the Father’s voice as calm as ever. “Leave him be, Gabriel.”

Lucifer looked up from his throne and laughed out loudly. He knew Michael was on the verge of turning. Already, he had taken his own share of angels and now, Michael had taken more. There were a little over a thousand angels left in heaven. Heaven was open to attack now. But first, he had humans to deal with.

Gabriel paced to and fro while he reeled out his reports. Michael had destroyed nearly half the entire South American continent and was moving in on North America. His evil angels had terribly wounded Gabriel’s scout who had returned with one wing clearly sheared off. Gabriel sought permission to rally the remaining angels for war.

The Father looked up calmly from His book. He looked at the Son who nodded his consent. The Father gave Gabriel His blessing and watched as his most loyal angel bowed and flew away.

Archangel Gabriel immediately dispatched messages to the remaining angels. They were all capable angels who had fought beside him and Michael. As the last of the angels flew in and folded his wings, Gabriel stood up to address them.

“You must be wondering why I summoned you here,” he began. “The time has come. What we dread the most is upon us. We must prepare ourselves; the Father has given His blessings. Let no one have pity on our changed brothers. They will not hesitate to ascend you. We must be strong and courageous. Like it or not, we must do battle.” He paused a little and looked around.

“Brothers,” he continued, “Michael is coming for us.”

……….to be continued next week.


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