Battle of the Heavenlies-The Gathering.

*continued from last week.

“Michael! Michael!”

The voice startled Michael who instinctively sprang into the air and shot a bolt lightning at its direction. Surprisingly, the caller casually deflected the bolt. Then the hooded figure came closer, removed his hood and Michael beheld for the second time in millennia, the face of Lucifer. He unsheathed his sword and planted his feet on the ground. His huge wings spread out behind him like a large parachute.

“What do you want, Lucifer?”, he demanded. His voice carried on the winds like thunder in the night sky.

Lucifer ignored the question and edged closer to him. “Are you not happy to see me, Michael?” he retorted. “I know you are planning to attack heaven now that it is at its weakest. I have come to offer my help. A thousand more angels, eh?”

Michael lowered his sword and allowed his wings to fall. “Why do you seek to help me?” he asked.

Lucifer calmly answered him, “For the same reason I left heaven millennia ago. The same reason you gave me this.” Lucifer pushed his robe aside and flashed the scar below his heart.

Michael folded his wings and sheathed his sword. “Tell your men to get ready. We attack on the morrow.”

Lucifer flourished and with a bright burst of light, disappeared to prepare his men.

Michael sent one last message to his brother, Gabriel. “Meet me on the morrow at Pinielta. We do battle there."


Gabriel caught the message, turned to look at his men and broke the news to them. “Michael attacks tomorrow. Rest your wings tonight. We meet out on the Pinieltian plain.”

That night, there was solemn quiet upon the large expanse of heaven. The remaining loyal angels spent time sharpening their swords and testing their wings while Gabriel paced to and fro inspecting them. He still could not understand why things were going the way they were when the Father had the power to stop it. Gabriel shuddered at the thought of facing his twin brother in battle. They were the oldest and strongest of all angels and they had led the other angels to victory countless times but tomorrow, he would be fighting against his own brother. He suddenly stopped in his tracks as the pain tore at his heart.

Almost immediately, he felt the Father reach out to him, flooding him with warmth and he smiled. Father never left them alone in times like this. Even though he knew Michael’s army had become evil, Gabriel had a conviction that he would win.

He did not know that Michael had made a dangerous deal with Lucifer.

Hell was coming to heaven.

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