Battle of the Heavenlies- Battle of Pinielta I

…… continued from last week

Gabriel’s army continually sounded their trumpets as they flew towards the battlefield.

Pinielta was a large expanse of air-land connecting heaven to earth. It was somewhere north of the Bermuda triangle along the western coast of the North Atlantic Ocean. The trumpets made little noise to the angels. They were used to going into battle with the sounds.


On earth, humans gathered outside all over the world to watch the darkening skies. It was unusual and world governments began to place calls. The darkness was spreading to every part of the world. Thunder and lightning made passionate love across the skies. A heavy rainstorm began to vent its anger on the imminent war. While the humans thought they were under alien attack, hell was on its way to heaven.


Archangel Michael stood in front of his army with his second-in-command, Lucian beside him. His face betrayed no emotions as he saw his brother leading what was left of the heavenly angels. His own army combined with Lucifer’s men outnumbered Gabriel’s army four to one. He silently wished that Gabriel would come over to his side. He did not relish the thought of fighting his own brother. Away from heaven, their powers were limited but he knew Gabriel was loyal to the Father. He hovered for a moment and spoke out loudly. His voice boomed across the skies.

“Hello, brother,” he started. “How awkward of us to meet in this circumstance.”

Gabriel folded his wings but kept his hand on the hilt of his sword. He spoke in cool voice. “Michael, Father still loves you. He says to….”

“Hello, little Gabriel.”  Lucifer stepped out from amongst the battle-thirsty angels. “It is nice to meet you on the battlefield. Stop the bickering and let us get down to business.”  He edged past Michael and sneered at Gabriel. “Or do you still shudder at the thought of war?”

Gabriel ignored Lucifer and faced his brother. “Michael, we can end this here. Come over. You know Father will forgive your misdeeds.”

Without warning, Lucifer launched forward and aimed his sword at Gabriel’s heart. Gabriel leapt out of the way and snapped Lucifer’s right wing. Lucifer yelped and signaled his men forward. War cries rent the air as Michael’s men rushed at Gabriel’s army.


Back on earth, volcanoes began to erupt and hurricanes began their fierce and destructive dances across the entire world. Panic began to spread as the battle raged on. Explosions shook the very foundation of the earth. World leaders had convened at UN Headquarters to fathom and if possible, proffer solutions to the disasters. What they did not know was that heaven was at war and the earth was bearing the gravity of Lucifer’s twisted plans.

On the battlefield, Lucifer paused mid-air and looked down on the earth. He could see the smoke ascending. He smirked and turned just in time to stab his blade through the heart of one of Gabriel’s soldiers. Swords flashed like lightning and of wings snapping or being cut off filled the air. One by one, Gabriel’s angels began to fall. They were gravely outnumbered.

Four demons streaked towards Gabriel who was already battling three fierce minions. As they closed in on Gabriel, Michael directed a huge ball of fire and blasted them out of the sky. He wanted Gabriel for himself. At that same time, Gabriel’s best warrior, Raphael shoved his blade through Lucian’s heart. Black smoke streaked towards the heaven as the fallen angel’s body dissolved.

The battle raged on for hours and at dusk, only four warriors were remaining.  Others had been ascended or descended. There were no bodies; only mist and the smell of death.

Finally, it came down to just Michael and Lucifer on one side, and Gabriel alongside Raphael on the other side.

Only one team was sure of victory.

………to be continued

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