Drums of Thunder.

"This is gonna be the best party ever," exclaimed the young Jagunjagun to the hearing of all his comrades. He'd been planning this epic event for ages, well so to speak, he simply could not fail.

"Don't you dare!" She said sternly as he walked into the common room of the sprawling O'zains mansion. His annoying twin sister, Ola, was still trying to dissuade him from going forward with his devious plan. Yes, he was brash, foolhardy, daring, brave and a host of other extremes but he knew when he was taking it too far -  his sister made it a point to always 'hold him down'.

One of such times was right now and his sister had categorically expressed how highly adverse to his plan she was but he wasn't having any of it - his party had to hold and he'd make damn sure it was the best, no spandex wearing nature Orisha was going to steal his thunder.

"Sparky, howfa, are you ready?" Ade hollered from the door as he casually strolled into the common room, all dashing and very much in spirit, dressed in a black ninja suit.

"My name isn't Sparky!" The male half of the frowning twins yelled, a little current dancing along his fingers as he yelled.

Ade hardly acknowledged the electricity dancing joyously on Sparky's fingers and smiled, a playful gloriously troublesome grin planted on his face: "would you rather I called you by your real name?"

"No!" Sparky screamed, instantly throwing a bolt of lightning that struck a spot mere inches from Ade's head.

Ade doubled over laughing, even Sparky's twin couldn't hold back hers, it was always funny to watch Sparky get worked up over names.

"So you ready or not?" Ade said as he brought out a long horse whip, idly inspecting it.

"Hell yeah," Sparky answered and flashed out of the room, returning almost immediately but now dressed in his own ninja gear.

"Well, you dolts clearly aren't gonna listen to my obvious opposition so good luck and don't get killed." Ola said and sauntered out of the common room leaving the ninjas by themselves, Ade trying to keep his eyes from lingering.


They stood looking at the large expanse of indescribable immaculate white structure draped in clouds before them, the sky palace of Songo. The cleaners definitely had a very serious obsession with keeping the place impeccably white and pristine.

Sparky extended a hand below Ade's dropped jaw and helped him close his mouth - it had been hanging loose for a tad too long.

"Bro, what the heck?" Ade said, concerned as he looked from the building to his friend's face.

"Lost your inner flame Jagunjagun ti Ogun?" Sparky teased Ade as he walked into the palace before them, he had been here so many times, he knew the building like the patterns of his dual bladed axes - and that's as well as it gets.

They crept slowly through the area, sometimes climbing the walls or going into their animal forms when they sensed that someone may have been approaching.

Finally, they got to the Rain Room and were amazed by the assortment of mechanisms and instruments. Sparky quickly scanned the room but found that what they had come for wasn't there, unfortunately, there was only one other place it could be.

"Are you out of your freaking mind?" Ade screamed - well as best as he could in hushed whispers - at Sparky, "have you forgotten who your benefactor is?" His face loosing a little colour.

"Nope, that's why we're here, isn't it?" Sparky said as they continued making their way to the armoury.

"Sparky, Songo is so gonna fry us if he catches us." Ade whispered to the defiantly determined Jagunjagun before him as he cautiously followed - not unlike a sheep being led to slaughter - to the armoury.

"It's just one lightning orb man, have you lost your bravery, Son of Metals?" Sparky chuckled with a smirk plastered on his face, he knew Ade's pride wouldn't let him back down.

They progressed deftly to their goal. Little did they know that the lightning Orisha was watching their every move. It was quite a funny thing to him that these two cadets would even think they were actually being stealthy.

There was just one thing keeping him from frying them and that was his love for parties. Besides, the drums of thunder were fantastic for afrobeats and Fuji.

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