For the Love Of Lust

I saw him
And then I knew
From the first hello
Right from the get go
I knew I had met my next mistake

I knew I shouldn't have done it
But it was like seeing your favorite piece of chocolate while on a diet.
Dancing in the rain though you have a cold.
Seeing him was my pleasure
Hurting him was my pain.

I could claim it was hard
But it was too easy to smile when he smiled
And laugh at his jokes
To blush at his penetrating glances
To trace his soft hands as they held mine

It started with a smile
And ended in a queen size
It filled me with shame
While I emptied my desires

I was a willing prey
Who played catch with her predator
I looked into his eyes
Enticed with him with a smile
"I am yours" He said
"I am not yours" I whispered

And so, I danced to the beat of my drum,
I would hide my texts and hold my phone close,
Play hide and seek,
I would lie and cheat,
Anything remain in his arms.

I would shut my brain down
Live, love, don't think
I love him for now maybe not forever
Does forever really matter?

And he loved me
Excessively,Until he saw her

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