Silent Noise

"Tell us, Tell us" they yelled.
They enveloped me in a circle and made their demands
"Tell us, Tell us"
In envy or jealousy
In goodwill or friendship
They made their demands

But, how do I begin?
From what point do I start?
How do I unravel a mystery that is you
How do I explain the curve of your lips
The way you laugh with your eyes
And your smiles that make me smile

How do I tell the stories you tell
The bare bits of your soul that can never quench my hunger
How I do describe the pull of your hands to mine
And the screaming of my skin for just a caress of yours

How do I tell them that I long to give every fiber of my being
How I want to own your smiles
Put that twinkle in your eyes
Be the Bonnie to your Clyde
Just the ying to your yang

How do explain the tears I do not seem to control
The pain that breaks my soul
The lows that make me feel hollow
The emptiness of my bed
The fullness of yours

How do I tell them you are not mine to have
That you are not yours to give
How do I tell that still you are the heartbreak I need.

"Tell us, tell us" they beg
But I cannot utter a word
The death of my soul is silent

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