The Day I Fell

I really hate bridges but I especially hate the Ojota pedestrian bridge. If you are familiar with Lagos, you probably know it. I am certain that the bridge has a personal vendetta against me and every time I make the mistake of climbing it, it is going to try to disgrace me. It is also full of people who are always rushing somewhere and act like you are the cause of all their problems. However, just after the bridge at Ojota bus stop, there was another bridge. This one is newer and more modern, I always feel safe and loved. People were also fewer so I could stroll leisurely without being jostled continuously so I went out of my way to use that bridge anytime I had the chance.

That particular Monday, I woke up in a good mood, I dressed up for work feeling like wonder woman ready to slay this new week *insert straight face. I got to my favorite bridge and the first step I took, I fell.  It was an epic fall, I could hear the traders behind me laughing even while they said sorry. My nails had broken, my palms dusty, my cute skirt ruined, I had finally met the disgrace I had been dreading but at the hands of the wrong bridge. I was sad and disappointed and hissed when I came off the bridge, resolved not to set my foot on it again but how much of a solution was that?

Often times we get really huge disappointments, that person we loved broke our hearts, the family and friends we thought had our back instead just had a knife in our back, the ones we thought we would spend the rest of  our lives with end up leaving us when we least expect it. Life should be named Amaka seeing as it is full of disappointments
Sometimes Life throws us for a loop but what do we do then? What do we do when we fall face flat when we thought we would be standing tall? Some people would say lower your expectations, believe no one, and trust yourself and no one else. It is probably good advice but then what kind of life would that be? A life when you constantly look over your shoulder watching for the village people who are definitely after you.
If we have no hope, if we have no trust then what is life? Though it might be scary, take that step, make that move, put yourself out there, and fall. Living is in taking the risks, the little ones and the really big ones. Have faith that no matter how hard you crash, you will be fine. 

Maybe not hoping, not loving might be easier where is the fun in that? We have to try not to generalize, not all men are scum, not all women are "hoes" and definitely not all bridges will make you fall.

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