The Throne's Got Horns

"After you get the shoes, I'm gonna need you to get that new bag from the store on mulberry, the new one, the tab is under my name, you'll clear the back pay and drop an advance for my girl Trace to pick some stuff," she took a short breath after the barrage of words she'd just dropped on Ade and went back on full throttle adding more information to the list.

Over time, he'd learnt to drown her out whenever she started. He would put his recorder in the red and play it back when he was ready to face the mountain of work.

"You can do it boy, you can do it," he'd mumble to himself as he set about his duties, he really hated his life and this job didn't do anything to alleviate his pain. In one word, it was crappy. There were two reasons he stayed.

He drove to the shopping district and got all she'd asked for, he'd followed the steps of Santa and checked it twice. He loaded all the shopping bags carefully into the backseat as he did a final check, "all set,"

Most days, he preferred to take his time to drive but today wasn't one of them. Anyone who would have seen the face he was making would have been seeing the face of a pissed fast and furious driver, he'd make Torreno proud, though he was still driving below 80,

"Damn you speed regulations," he swore under his breath. He turned the stereo up and passively nodded his head along to the song, he knew the song but had forgotten the name, it was kinda old.

He eventually got to the house of his boss after the mental fast and furious episode. He kinda looked like a pissed robot as he systematically moved the bags from the car to her private living room.

"Oh, no not here Ade," she said as she poked her head out of her bedroom adjoining the room. The only thing keeping him from crying was held by a hairline trigger, he was so close to loosing it.

"Where would you like me to put them your highness?" He asked doing his best to keep his emotions from his voice but she could still pick out his frustration, these were the kind of things she loved to do to him, why? She had no idea.

"I was thinking maybe we could look through them in the study downstairs," she did her best to look oblivious of his evident pain and frustration. If she weren't already skilled in controlling her body language, he would have seen through it. She guessed that was one of the differences between royalty and all others.

"Yes your highness," he said with a bow as he took a deep breath and Ade his way through the building. In truth, the building was quite a marvel, it was once the vacation palace of a previous king but it had fallen out of use till now.

Marble was the key word when describing the building, it was on every corner. The walls, the floors and like one of his former colleagues would say, "it was in the everywhere".

It was two solid stories of pure aesthetic wonder and the form was simply breath taking, there were curves in just the right places and edges meet at the most articulated of corners, and that was just from the inside.  From a view from outside the palace, it could be likened to a slightly compressed marshmallow  but the last thing Ade needed now was a building appreciation moment.

He'd basically just walked for roughly twenty meters and he was going to go back and forth five more times before he was done with the task. He usually didn't ask for help with issues like this but he considered his current state and Ade up his mind to get some assistance.

He strolled to the kitchen with his million dollar smile, ready to disarm the first female he saw. Unfortunately, that particular female was the princess explaining another experimental dish to the head cook.

He was one letter short of crapped but thankfully, it turned out she hadn't seen him. He Ade like a tree in an instant but he almost cannoned into one of the handmaidens.

"I'm very sorry sir," she said timidly as she scrambled to her feet, apologising with her head down. For a moment, possibly more, he felt the pride courtesy of his post.

"No problem at all," and just as he was about to dismiss her, "hey, could you help me out with something?" A devilish smile on his face.


Eventually, they finished with the bags and the lady left a tired Ade to contemplate his life.

Anyone who came by and saw him on the floor with his back resting on the walls and legs spread wide would have thought he was a frustrated drunk but Ade was simply that tired, he was simply trying to gain a little energy before the princess came by.

"You should probably go take a shower," the princess had told him when she came into the room. it was already evening and he reasoned he'd been up and about for too long without a break.

He went upstairs to his quarters to bathe and freshen up while the princess busied herself below.

She took a look at the bags and laughed, she couldn't help but wonder why she always did these things to him. She called some of the maids to carry them back upstairs with a smile on her face and a content chuckle.

She remembered when she didn't work him this hard, she remembered when he wasn't always so  exhausted from her constant slave driving. She remembered when they were kids, his father was a noble man so he was brought to the palace to learn. Unfortunately his father died in battle and the king saw it fit to take his son under his wings. He taught him everything.

When she wanted to embark on her royal campaign as was expected of those in line for the crown, she asked that he be Ade part of her royal guard and the king saw it fit.

Why did she do what she did then? That was the result of unreturned love.

Now, the princess had always had a crush on Ade though no one knew. She never summed up the courage to tell him though so her attitude being the result of unreturned love was subject to the view point.

To be honest, we've all had someone we had a crush on, some of us were bold enough to face them, others weren't. Some of us had a positive response, others, not so rosy.

It seemed the princess was just as vulnerable as everyone else.

She sat there in the study reading one of her favourite books when her assistant walked in with her hands full of files.

"Don't tell me those are for me to go through," the princess said with a sigh, an hour ago, she had just rounded up a hundred and five of them.

"I'm sorry but you know how you're dad feels about you and royal duties, he wants you to be the best queen you can be," rose her assistant said in a bid to cheer her up but the princess wasn't having it. She sighed and kept on reading.

Ade on the other hand was sprawled on his bed in a world of his own. He'd just come out of the bathroom and towelled off. It took him a whole lot of will power to not leave everything bare but he remembered she was used to barging in on him at just the wrong moments.

He let his mind drift a bit and it just so happened that his thoughts settled on her, all her annoying features and all, he just couldn't keep wraps on them all. He reasoned he'd been through a tiring ordeal. The princess was a real sandstorm in the desert his life had become. But Ade was helpless in his cause. He needed the job for more than one reason, and telling the princess off wasn't a viable option if he wanted to keep it.

He sighed and got off from his bed. He settled into some comfy house clothes and Ade his way down to the study. He knew the clothes wouldn't be there anymore but he still had to go meet her. Shade was wearing him down.

"Princess," he said as he entered the study searching for her.
"Sit down Ade," she said from one of the rooms corners.

He hated that she was so pushy, but he tried to make excuses so he wouldn't scream at her to 'get a life already'.

He looked at her and at the chair, he all of a sudden was getting pissed. "I'd rather stand," he said looking round the room. "Is there any reason why I should be here" he asked too riled up for her issues, he just wanted to sleep. He'd be better tomorrow.

"No, not really, sorry for disturbing you," she said deciding her intentions were silly anyway, there were other girls he'd rather go on a date with.

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