Dear L.O.M.L.

Dear L.O.M.L

Can I say I'm sorry?
For thinking you were the one,
For bending to your will,
For doing all that you wished,
For giving into you so easily,
For believing all of your lies,
For believing mine.

I'm sorry for being there,
For being a listening ear,
For checking up on you,
For being bothered.

I'm sorry for not holding you close enough,
For not kissing you enough,
For not pleasuring you,
For thinking about me for once.

I'm sorry for all the love I gave,
For all the pain I felt,
For caring so much for you,
For not caring for me,
For always trying to please you,
For failing.

Can I say I'm sorry?
For imagining a future with you,
For dwelling on a past with you,
For hating the present without you.

Can I say I'm sorry?
For loving you still.

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