Murderers In Suits

Tuesday was going to be a special day. Finally, I had the chance to pitch my million-dollar ideas during a board meeting in SUAVE & Co. I had prepped adequately for my presentation, spending the whole night rehearsing and speculating every sentence, every question and every reaction. It was certainly the meeting of a lifetime. After a jaw-dropping session with the renowned top dogs of SUAVE & Co, I was rest assured that my life was definitely going to take a turn for the best.

It was six years after graduating from college and I had finally realized that education was the key to success, but the locks had been changed overtime. Being a 28 year-old dark skinned man of average height without a legendary three-piece suit and David Wej kicks,society charades weren’t exactly in my favour.

It’s Friday and I’m watching television at my landlady’s shop when I see an advert that looks way too familiar. It doesn’t take me long to realize I just watched my very own idea being broadcast without prior notice from my high and mighty partners. Unfortunately, I have no legal connections so my voice would never be heard anyway.

Time passes. Midnight finds me in my dark room surrounded by my clouded mind. Images of my allies who had gone way past me in life flashes before my eyes. I feel useless to myself, my family and the society at large.

The time is 3.07am I know that because it’s the last thing my brain processes as soon as my deathbleed is finished.


  1. Nice piece there .

    Sad reality though

    Seems everywhere is plagued with hoodlums ...Worst of them being intellectual gangsters


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