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  1. Dear Ukwumango,
    This is to invite your Website to participate in Writertain Writing Championship (Flash Fiction).
    The aim of the competition is to:
    1. Encourage writers to think deeper.
    2. Bring Traffic to every website that will be represented at the competition.
    3. Help writers connect better.
    4. To make people aware of Nigeria Writing Community.

    The competition will be played on two levels.
    - Internally i.e within your website.
    - Externally i.e between different websites.

    For now, what we expect from your website will be:
    1. Your acceptance.
    2. Your willingness to help by providing three sound writers that will serve as unbiased Judges.
    ( However, if you will love it, we can bring external judges to help out).
    3. A copy of your logo that will be placed on the banner.
    4. Three winners that will proceed to the external competition. In other words, these three will represent your website when the external competition starts.

    After your acceptance, more details about the external competition will be unraveled.

    Note: You are receiving this version of the message because your website serves as a forum for other writers to post their story.

    The purpose of the competition is to have fun. But while we are at that, we are looking for sponsors and hope to give the winners prizes that will encourage them.
    We hope to get a favorable response before August 31st to aid in our preparation.
    Find below a link to the first of its type organized on Nairaland.

    Akintayo Akinjide


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